Our software fees are often less than 25% of what competitors charge–yet we offer many more reports and features!

We base fees on the size of your program in order to make OnCorps Reports affordable to programs of any size,  with a proven ROI (return on investment) to customers that comes from saving time, getting better data, and communicating powerfully with stakeholders.

OnCorps Reports™ is licensed for use by State Commissions (and individual AmeriCorps programs) as a hosted application.   We offer a service level agreement (“service contract”) that covers all hosting, maintenance and support services.

Contact us at sales@oncorpsreports.com to discuss licensing and support costs for your program(s).

How do we keep it affordable?  And why?

GraphBecause we’re a business with a triple bottom line, we intentionally focus on doing business sustainably which means a fair income for us and an affordable Return On Investment for you.

How can we charge so much less that competitors? Economies of scale and low overhead.
We provide service to over 500 customers, and instead of spending money on marketing and sales, we’re lean and mean, in a good way.  We have a consortium of strategic partnerships with technical providers who are dedicated to doing business with a double or triple bottom line:
a fair price for all, doing good by people, and doing good by community.

Because we’ve walked in AmeriCorps shoes, we know you need a sustainable partnership that’s focused on your mission.  Since 2006, we have been that partner to over 27 state commissions and hundreds of national direct and state sub-grantees.

  • Demo's, Customer Support + Training Technical support: always check the Help area in OnCorps first, for a complete set of video and pdf tutorials. If you can't find what you need, but you can log in, use our built-in help ticketing system so we can better troubleshoot your issue. If you cannot log in, email your name, program and state information to:  help@oncorpsreports.com.  Our customer service phone number is (612) 568-8627. Messages are answered during normal business hours (9-5 CST). -----
    Is your program or state interested in using OnCorps to manage your AmeriCorps programs this coming year? Contact us here to schedule a demo at your convenience.
    As we're nearing this last quarter of the 2017-18 Service Year, we pause our bi-weekly trainings, except for new customers. If you wish to be included in those "new Program Director" trainings, please send us a help ticket --and we'll include you on those invites!